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Benchmarking is the sharing of performance and operational information to continuously compare activities among organizations to identify “Best Practices” and improve performance.

Benchmarking has proven to be the most valuable process for identifying performance improvement areas. The measurement of the best performing companies leads to the identification and implementation of “Best Practices”.

The Benchmarking Network uses a proven study methodology that includes a dozen or more companies into a four to five month study cycle. Our process includes collecting measures of performance as well as the process information important to success. We then lead our sponsors to site visits at the “Best Practices” companies. This rapid turnaround minimizes cost while keeping the review at an appropriate level.


A Fasttrakk&#8482 study is a rapid methodology that drives at rapid results that are obtained from groups interviewed by telephone. Sponsors defines the survey questionnaire. Up to 15 process and measures questions. TBN administers to a defined group of comparable peer companies. Results are summarized and presented in the form of a database. The advantages are speed and cost. A smaller question set is ideal for rapid answers and opening the door to further investigation.


The first step in any successful Benchmarking project is establishing an adequate foundation of understanding of the Benchmarking process as it is defined by corporations today. The Benchmarking Network provides general and customized courses in Benchmarking.

“Introduction to Benchmarking” is a two day course. Participants gain complete understanding of the concepts of Benchmarking through identification and analysis of “Real Life” case study examples.

The Benchmarking Network will facilitate this course at your location or at other locations throughout the world.

All courses and course materials can be customized and licensed for your company and industry.


The Benchmarking Network provides the necessary research support efforts in organizations engaged in Benchmarking activities. We provide basic research by:

  • Providing access to article databases on selected Benchmarking topics Conducting customized research on selected areas through the use of targeted surveys
  • Conducting telephone interviews with process owners
  • Our research is professionally summarized and presented to clients and participants in a form that key learnings can be derived with minimal effort.

Implementation Support

THE BENCHMARKING NETWORK supports study findings for its clients by:

  • Developing implementation proposals for client action;
  • Translating Benchmarking findings to support the clients’ business process reengineering efforts; and
  • Monitoring changes over time.

The Benchmarking Network maintains its independence from the findings by not providing full-scale implementation services. The best practices we identify are based on the results of the study. The objective of our efforts is to provide the highest value findings, not to continue to sell additional services.